Waves and Hills

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The realty industry in kannur leaped up in this decade, driven primarily by the Galloping economy that has both cause reflection, effect and favorable demography ,socio-economic milieu The transformation of vision and concept on home is incredible
The Kannur Diaspora with their age old nostalgia merged with modern trend enriched through international Exposure A defined calm and tranquil, isolation from the rest of the crowds in longing of everyday especially among educated middle class and upper middle class Education of children, family health care, pure air and water..
Desired by everybody Quality Time precision in construction, define usable spaces, avenues for interaction with nature, flow of wind, nature of soil, shades and green belt, coherent surroundings
Archlan is an ethical initiative to build homes considering all these concept
kannur a land of lore, folklore and looms
a meadow of culture incubated hosting with selfless love and affection
home of food of its own ethnicity and taste..is much heard there travelogues and
monologues. Ebin bethootha, albu kark and many more
kannur stand ahead of the states with its ritual of color and theyyam,thira,kavu of bio-diversity
the murmuring sounds are its traditional drums and trumpets of love and hospitality Dams and dances


a fraternal harmony spread ever for all region, culture and folks nearby lakes ,lagoons ,looms ,forest ,forts ,festivals
Railway ,road ways, national water ways and new airways
Arakkal ,pazhassi ,kottayam beautiful beaches Memories of independence struggle, peasant movements, martyrs fables with thousand anklets History covered with a mist of mysticism  by avoiding there song of anklets and culture of this land ,it’s difficult to note a new letter in the state
Attempt of ARCHLAN is to write new letter in quality and commitment through professionalism and construction standard